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The Expansive- A Journey Back to Yourself

The Expansive

We invite you to join Quantum Leap coaches and transformational healers in The Expansive

Isn’t it finally time to believe that your dreams are worth pursuing? You really can remove any obstacles to expanding into the passionate life you were meant to live.

Why not let go of your busy schedule and hectic life for a respite of relaxation and surrender—with a focus on your deepest passions and dreams?

Why not take this opportunity to give yourself the best gift you could receive your Expanded Self and the unlimited possibilities that await your renewed body, mind, and soul.

In a beautiful natural retreat you’ll have the space and freedom to arrive at the source of your own deepest intuition, knowing, and confidence.

In groups of no more than eight people, you’ll be gently guided in activities that put you back in touch with your passions—what gets you up in the morning, what matters most in your life. As you gain crystal clarity about these passions, you’ll create powerful visual images and identify the evidence you’ll need to absolutely know you are living those passions. And you will be able to finally let go of old thinking and fears that have held you back. The simple, easy, and fun group rituals will strengthen your new resolve with a heightened awareness, sense of hope, and an openness to transformation.

You’ll clear old limiting beliefs and energy blocks, and enjoy the new and free-flowing energy to allow and attract well-being, prosperity, and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

And there will be ample time to enjoy wonderful food, walk the beach, riverside or woods; time to integrate, time to rest, time to play, gain clarity and resolve—again!

Special Theme — Attracting and Creating Vibrant Relationships

Are you wanting to deeply share who you really are and what’s most important to you; to be heard, cherished, and loved? Would you like to get the most out of all your relationships—and have a lot more fun? How can you attract and sustain the relationships of your dreams at home, at work, and in the world?

Spend three days with a small group on a quest to fill their lives with the highest quality relationships. You’ll be lovingly coached and supported by a team of three experienced healers and coaches.

Read what participants say:

The Expansive offered by Karin, Randy and Lynn was a great opportunity to identify my true passions, get clear about my beliefs—some of them hidden to me—and release myself from old and narrow concepts that had been holding me back. And I did! During my entire time with them I felt completely supported and safe. I was heard and honored. As a result I now have a stronger ability to take care of myself, and take action to support my passions and interests in a more natural, easy, and free-flowing way. With this inner knowing I’m able to live life more fully.

Nansee New, La Manzanilla, Mexico

“My Expansive experience came at just the right time in my life—when I was ready to get bigger and live more of my dreams. I felt completely seen and was allowed to begin from just where I was, guided through fun, stimulating, and creative processes designed to expand my vision and eliminate any limiting beliefs that stood in my way. This was the most productive “getaway” I’ve ever had! I deeply appreciate Lynn, Karin and Randy for standing by me and working as an incredible loving team of professionals and real people! And thanks for the warm ocean water in the beautiful bay, palm trees and the little town with so much color and great food.”

Andrea Sullivan, Murphys, CA


Contact any of the Expansive facilitators for more information and details.

Lynn Corwin, MSW
Call 415-456-2648 or Email:

Randy Crutcher, MA, EdD
Call 209-923-0502 or Email:

Karin Lubin, EdD
Call 209-404-8858 or Email:


Are you moved by beautiful images, intrigued by psychology, and deeply connected to your own spirituality? If so you will love going deeply into this process of SoulCollage.

First developed by therapist Seena Frost whose love of people, art, Jungian psychology and healing inspired the wisdom system known as SoulCollage, this is a powerful insight process utilizing 5”x 8″ pressed paper collage cards
whose images (selected and cut from magazines and other sources) speak to different aspects of your inner self and outer life.

Create your own personal deck of cards that function much the same as other decks of wisdom cards. After diving deep into one’s subconscious, selecting images and completing the cards individually or in groups, one can structure
a ”reading,” asking different questions about one’s life purpose, struggles, passions, problems and dreams. The answers from the cards are always revealing, sometimes surprising, and emerge from one’s own higher self or soul.

Join a workshop group or use SoulCollage within our QLC coaching process to engage in both right and left brain self-discovery, learn about and embrace different light and shadow aspects of yourself and inspire powerful healing
and creativity.

We are certified SoulCollage facilitators who were trained by Seena Frost, MFC in 2006

SoulCollage Workshops We Provide

An Introduction to the Principles of SoulCollage: Learn the four SoulCollage suits: Community, Council, Committee, and Companion, and Source card.


Seeing the Gift: Embracing Our Shadow

SoulCollage and the Art of Relationships

Healing Depression with SoulCollage

Honoring your Inner Wisdom: SoulCollage Weekend Retreat

Envisioning Your Passions: SoulCollage and your top 5 passions